ACSAR Messaging Services

At ACSAR Communications, our most precious asset is our customer, YOU.
At ACSAR, we offer a feature rich and visually intuitive platform to perform your business messaging needs. We’ve listed our service offerings below and if you don’t see a feature listed, contact us! Chances are, we can provide a solution quickly and reliably. To top things off, we have a best of class nationwide and international network that allows us to send your communications both domestically and internationally. Trust ACSAR with your important communications. We’re here for YOU.


  • Single place to manage all of your messaging
  • Use on any web-connected device or desktop
  • Unlimited telephone numbers, members and groups in one account
  • Text enable existing landlines, toll-free and non-toll-free
  • Worldwide message delivery
  • SaaS model with scalable services
  • Blocks messaging to customers who have “opted-out”
  • Leverages a high performance, carrier-grade gateway


  • Auto-assign messages to a Group or Agent based on business number.
  • Not logged in to the app?  Forward messages to your email and reply.
  • Use your keyboard to compose messages
  • Quick Responses – compose pre-written responses
  • Use filters to organize and search messages
  • Collapsible Message History
  • Simple Administration to add users & assign to groups


  • Supports both 1 on 1 conversational messaging and 1 to many (send a message to multiple customers/members) using the Distribution List feature.  (Note:  Carrier restrictions may apply)
  • Send a message to a distribution list of mobile users • Auto Replies – “We are currently closed and will get back to you”
  • Concurrent Conversations
  • Send long messages (more than 160 characters)
  • Optional simplified single user view


  • Introduces collaboration in messaging via a shared inbox approach
  • Add internal shared notes in line with the message thread
  • Member to Member Chat
  • Visibility to Agent/Members that are logged in
  • Claim Ownership of Conversation
  • Conversation ID associated with every conversation
  • Transfer a Conversation to Group or Individual
  • Electronic Communications Archiving prevents destroying, falsifying or altering message records
We're here to help you through anything you need to get started.