Why Business Texting?


Use these ideas and sample text message ideas to hit the keyboard running!

One of the ways ACSAR can help your business grow, is to provide you with easy access to information that helps you hit the keyboard running! The quicker you implement your text message advertising campaign(s), the sooner you start to see the added success for your business. 

So, what types of messages should you be sending? This seems like an easy question to answer, until you start thinking about the character counts, wordsmithing, and the little details that can start to make one’s head dizzy. Here are just some ideas and thoughts regarding each:

Bigger is better.

Did you know that AT&T, Verizon and the other cell phone companies limit the number of people you can group together? Its true. Cell phone carriers typically limit these groups to 10-15 people. If you have a customer or membership base that is more than 10-15 people, you need business text messaging. Plus, do you really want to manage all of that from your cell phone?

ACSAR’s intuitive user interface and customer portal allows you to add 2 people or 20,000+ people to the groups you designate them to, for easy contact. Our platform is also designed to grow with you and allow you to reach them all with a few clicks of a button – even internationally!

Don't level the playing field.

If you’re on a level playing field with your competition, business text messaging gives you the edge over your competitors. In order to stand out, you have to offer your customers something that differentiates you. Text messaging says to your customers, “You’re a person, not just another piece of data. 

What’s more personal than a text conversation? Compare those you text to everyone you email. Which one do you use for those closer to you? Now you can apply that to your customers.

Texting is the preferred choice of communications.

8 trillion texts were sent last year! 95% of those were read within 3 minutes. But only 14% of the phone calls to businesses were answered without being placed on hold, and only 20% of emails were ever opened at all!

Up to 50% of sales go to vendors who respond first.

If you want to reach your audience, and make sure they can reach you, the clear solution is texting.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile!

60% of all web traffic takes place on a mobile device. That’s why Google unleashed “Mobilegeddon” in April, 2015.  Essentially, they updated their search algorithm to favor mobile friendly and mobile optimized websites.

More than 50% of your customers, employees and members are on their smartphones when they decide they want to contact you, or visit your location, or buy from you.

Texting gives both parties flexibility to answer on their own time.

Most businesses have the same 8am5pm operating hours. So what about your customer’s work day? They’re busy working when you’re open, which means communication with you is highly limited.

But your business is closed by the time they actually have time to pay attention to your ads or return your call.

If I see your ad on TV, online, or in a magazine, I’m much more likely to pick up my phone and text you than I am to call you when you open again.

Emergency communications with your staff, membership, and customers, locally and worldwide.

Nothing is more important than the ability to immediately communicate with your staff, students, customers and offices, in case of an emergency and on a moments notice.

Having the ability to send out emergency group information or immediately cancel scheduled group meetings, that quickly reach those important to you, is priceless.

Texting is where the smart money is.

Manage your advertising digitally and reach people directly. The cost of text messaging starts as low as $0.015 per message. Compare that to print mailers or other traditional forms of marketing, and the dollars just start to jump back into your pocket. 

The World is texting.

4.2 billion people use text messaging worldwide. It’s no surprise that text messaging is the untapped and cutting edge tool for branding your business and staying connected to your customers, employees, and membership groups. If you’re not leveraging text messaging for your business, you’re missing out. 

Provide a great experience.

Customers would rather text you than call someone else. Businesses build brand loyalty today not by providing the best product, but by providing the best experience. Offer me a better experience than your competitor, and I’ll buy from you.

Texting is the most efficient way to give your customers the experience they demand. Nobody has to worry about waiting on hold, or wonder if an email was received. Texting is quick and convenient, just what businesses, like yours, requires.

Your competitors may already be using it.

Remember the 1st point was that texting may give you edge over your competitors. If you’re on a level playing field, that also means it could give your competitors the edge if you don’t jump on it soon!

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is waiting too long to do something you know you need to do.

Intuitive User Interface.

The User Interface is simple, powerful, and designed to help you navigate easily and be more productive. Login, send your group messages, and be done quickly. We even forward them to your phone, for when you’re away from the office. Time is money! 

Minimize barriers to entry.

Most people know that when you view a website from a smartphone, you can click on a displayed phone number and it will start a call to that business.

But what if they could click that number and it automatically opened up a text message addressed to your business?

How powerful would it be if all your mobile viewers could text you directly from your website, which they’re already viewing from their mobile phones?!

Millennials are making up more of your customer base.

Millennials getting older and they’re growing into your buyer demographic, if they haven’t already. They also text more than any other generation. It’s how they prefer to communicate.

When someone wants to do business with you, it’s because you meet their preferences. Meet the preferences of your               customer base. Text!

We're here to help you through anything you need to get started.